Snow Treasures



Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? Job 38:22
My faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior is an important part of my life and this blog reflects many of the things that I have learned over the years. The spiritual lessons that I have been taught since coming to know  the truth about salvation on September 10, 2000 have made a great impact upon my life as  a father, grandfather and teacher.
The scriptures have also had an influence upon my writing as well. The spiritual writings that I put down onto paper are guided by the truth of the Bible, so as to teach others about the content within it’s pages.
winter-1199878__180                         images (1)
There is another thing that the scriptures encourage me to do with my fictional writing as well, and that is for the writing to be done in such a manner that does not include immoral situations or bloody,  violent behavior. I try to follow family friendly guidelines as I write.
It is my prayer that you discover God through His Word and enjoy the blessing that result from knowing Jesus Christ.


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