From the first draft to holding book signings for your future best-seller, Barking Dog Publishing has big dreams for our clients. We support you through a close and collaborative partnership, allowing you to proudly and passionately bring your story to the world.

Our Services

  • Personalized book writing

    Our writers bring the technical, emotional and creative writing skills you need to tell a compelling story. Our books are beautifully crafted, full of atmosphere and offer hope and motivation while inspiring audiences to overcome adversity.

    We tailor our book writing approach to suit you.

    • Interview-style book writing
    • Conversation-based book writing
    • Work from and build on existing drafts
  • Bespoke book publishing

    Through experience, we’ve found a massive gap in the publishing space. We believe game changers like you deserve a bespoke experience and a true publishing partner who is driven to change lives through powerful storytelling.

    We make the publishing process accessible.

    • Book editing
    • Beta reader testing
    • Book typesetting
    • Book cover design
    • Illustration/photography
    • Hard and soft copy book printing
    • Full-service audio book production
    • Full-service e-book production
    • World-class book distribution partnerships
  • Podcast production

    With more than 8 million Canadians tuning into podcasts, Canada has one of the highest podcast listenership, penetration and frequency of consumption per capita. We help game changers harness the power of the medium with professional podcast production services.

    We deliver full-circle, people-first podcast production services.

    • Podcast design, concept and story development
    • Podcast scriptwriting
    • Original music writing and production
    • Podcast recording and editing
    • Podcast community management
    • Podcast promotion and advertising partnerships
  • Book publicity and marketing

    Partnering with our industry-leading strategy, communications and marketing sister company, g[squared], we give our clients the right foundation to succeed. Get the expert support required to fast-track your success as a game-changing author.

    Our award-winning team brings 25+ years of experience.

    • Strategic planning
    • Business strategy
    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Marketing strategy
    • Public and media relations
    • Communications strategy
    • Brand strategy and platform
    • Graphic design and copywriting
    • Website design and development
    • Digital marketing and sales funnels
    • Book signing event production and management

Ready to tell your story?

Here’s a list of genres we publish and guidelines to submit your idea.

What we publish

Our focus is on publishing the real-life, emotionally driven stories of game changers. Barking Dog Publishing books are inspirational, motivational and full of courageous resilience.

Please submit nonfiction genres, including:
• Memoirs
• Biographies
• Autobiographies
• Historical nonfiction
• Self-help and instruction
• Humour and commentary

Please don’t submit fiction genres, including but not limited to:
• Fictional romance
• Fictional crime
• Fantasy
• Science fiction
• Horror

Submission guidelines

If you haven’t started your book yet and are interested in Barking Dog Publishing’s book writing services, please contact us.

We offer full-circle book services, so we don’t require you to submit a manuscript. However, if you’ve started or finished your book already, please attach the first chapter in PDF format (max. 30 pages). We don’t require exclusive submissions.

Our goal is to reply to you within 2-3 business days. We may be experiencing a high volume of submissions, but we will always respond to our potential partners within a reasonable timeframe (1 week).