About Barking Dog Publishing



From the moment that dogs were created they have been barking. There is a purpose to that sound.A bark could make one aware of approaching danger. It’s resonating tone oftens signals hunger or maybe the encroachment of a strange person. Perhaps the bark of a dog just signifies that they are lonely and in need of some playtime. Then there is the need to let someone know that the neighborhood squirrell is tormenting them.

I believe that in the pages of these books you will discover that the stories meet some of the same basic needs that our friend the dog has.  You will discover danger, curiousity and strangers in the midst.

Just as the dog always has something to bark about theses books have something to say. Won’t you give a listen to the words upon the pages and discover what has been said.

Barking Dog Publishing was established as a showcase to bring the books that I have written to the public eye. It is my belief that you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

I offer this invite to check things out.


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