About the author

mug shot

My name is Kurt Frazier Sr. and yes there is a Kurt Frazier II, not jr. he prefers to be his own person. I am a father of five children all grown and living their own lives. I have two grandsons (ages 8 and 5) from my oldest son.

I am a school teacher and a servant of the LORD, and as such I try to keep that in mind with my writing. You will find no vulgarity, or bloody violence in my writings. I believe that fiction as well as humor can be accomplished without resorting to those venues. As a Christian I feel that I should not be embarrassed to have my fictional writings read by my church family.

My favorite genre is the short story.  I have written a collection of poems that are available in print and eBook formats.

One day I dream of writing while floating above God’s green earth in a hot air balloon.


My pencil sketch portrait

Kurt’s Bookstore

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