Finding D. Sire

The room was dark, and I was alone; or so I thought. A dim light glowed from across the room, the source was an aquarium that was void of life, and had been for many months. Stagnant water in the tank matched my situation.

He sat on the opposite side of the room. I didn’t know who he was, and wasn’t really sure that he was there. It was more of a feeling than a fact. I could have turned on a light to see if this person was real, or a figment of my imagination.

That required movement on my part. Moving was something that I was incapable of doing. My body was paralyzed, unable to move under its own power.

The physicians said that there was nothing physically wrong with me. I have a different opinion though; I cannot move. There is something within me that won’t allow me to flex a muscle, with the exception of my left eye.
How did I get in this predicament you ask. I am not sure, all that I know is that three years ago I awoke from a mid-afternoon rest in my recliner unable to move. At first, I was blind in both eyes, but gradually the vision returned to my eyes. Only the left eye had any capability for movement, and things haven’t changed.
I scanned the eerie surroundings to discover if I were indeed alone. The shadowy figure was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he was a figment of my imagination.  This could have been useful in years past as I once had been a semi-well known fiction writer. Alas, those days are behind me now; I know that I shall never write again.
He moved like the wind, positioning himself near my right ear. With a slight stammer he said these words that I’ll never forget. “I am A. Thought, and my advice to you is this; If you want to rid your life of those in this room that plan to keep you paralyzed with fear then you must find D. Sire.”



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