Hurried Confusion

Now I have drawn a blank. This is not good when you are in my profession. I am a writer, and for the moment I have nothing to say. Oh, if only something would come to mind. The cursor is blinking steadily, and there is nothing flowing from my mind.

Maybe I need coffee. Sugar, and caffeine may be what is required  to get the creative juices moving. What about an energy drink? Isn’t that what coffee is; the original energy drink?


I can smell it now. The black liquid is flowing into the pot, my cup is ready and waiting to receive the rejuvenating liquid. Two packs of sugar, and some of that flavored cream, but which kind do I want? French vanilla, hazelnut, or maybe something with chocolate would do. Oh, there are so many things to choose from.

I spy a can of whipped cream on the counter, and I believe that in the fridge behind the milk, and year old bottle of mustard is a jar of cherries. One of those would be good on top of the whipped topping.

The clock chimes, and I understand that it is time to return to work, and I still haven’t written anything; or have I?

What is your choice for an energy drink?

Please leave a comment for the readers to consider.


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