Chillin’ in the Beehive

hungry beehive


On Strawberry Alley, there was an eating establishment that was all the rage. I had three things in mind for that day, a wedding proposal, a diamond ring, and mashed potatoes. The Hungry Beehive was the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Dinner was served promptly at 8:00 pm. Hidden among the lumpy spuds that had been especially prepared for my bride-to-be was a five-carat diamond ring. That didn’t turn out to be the eye opener for the evening, no what caught her eye was the lone Blue Bottle fly that was chilling out on a thin knob of butter atop her mashed potatoes.

This is the first story for my upcoming e-book which is titled “The Hungry Beehive”. It will be a collection of 6 Sentence Stories which will cover a variety of subjects. Some fiction, and some non-fiction.  Look for the release in July 2017.


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