Upward Climb

Harry’s phone rang early Monday morning. The news upset him greatly.

The office was cramped, and messy. Notes and pictures covered the bulletin board to the left of a cluttered desk. To others it looked a mess but to Harry Fogerty it was organized in the particular way that helped him to relax, and not succumb to the overwhelming fears that roamed the depths of his mind.

Harry I. (Ichabod) Fogerty was employed by the Royal Canadian Pancake House as an employment interviewer. This was a step in the right direction for his career, or so he thought. He began his career in the Canadian owned firm at the age of eighteen years old, and now just three weeks shy of his twenty fourth birthday Harry was unsure that his upward trek was turning into a downward spiral.

The past three hires that he had approved turned out to be less than desirable for the company. First of all, there was Leia Oneal. Twenty years old from somewhere in Ohio. There was no verifiable work history, or any real information that showed that
the petite, blonde could handle the position of store manager.

Harry took the promise that there would be special favors directed toward him if he “helped” her acquire the position. So, he embellished Leia Oneal’s resume, and made her application sparkle. It wasn’t hard to convince the other two interviewers that she was the right person for the position.

The name Harry means “home ruler”, and that is what Harry was. Of course, there was only Harry and his pet cat, Ralph living at his residence in Easton, Pa. Ralph loved to travel the open road with Harry in his 2005 Peugeot 1007.

Six months after Leia had filled the position of store manager of the Royal Canadian Pancake House In Easton, PA she was arrested and charged with embezzling company funds. The fact that Harry had recommended to bypass the background security check had come to light, and Harry was placed on administrative leave. Fortunately for Harry it was a paid leave, the promised money never showed up in his bank account like Leia had said it would.

Then, there was Thorsten Ziegler who was born in Brockton, MA born August 2, 1941. He was seventy-five years old. A retired job binding worker from Stratcard Corp. He was a German man that loved writing short stories, and eating Chinese food. All seemed to be positive with his resume and his background check came back with no outstanding issues. He was looking for something to do to keep him from getting bored. Besides that he drove a 2006 Jaguar X-Type, and had wonderful stories that told of his days as a counter intelligence agent. Not only was Harry impressed with his stories, Leia Oneal was enamored with this white haired German. Thorsten on the other hand was enamored with her embezzled funds, and as of yet he is still on the run.

The final hire that was causing Harry to suffer from extreme trauma was the worst that could possibly be. Caren Garcia, twenty-eight years old, and Harry’s former live in girl friend. The split up had been Harry’s fault. He had never been unfaithful to anyone before. In this case he told himself that the infidelity would only happen once. It did only happen once, well, once with Sharon, and once with Shirley, once with Bianca, and only once with Janet.

Then Caren found out about all of the other women that Harry had been with. She was extremely upset and promised that things would not go well for him.

“Hello there Harry, this is Caren and I have wonderful news for you. I got married over the weekend.” “Married? To who? I didn’t even know that you were seeing anyone.” “Well, I met him a few weeks ago at a corporate meeting in Atlanta, and we hit it off just great.” “Yes, you know him.” His name is Tyson Burbridge.”

Oh yes, Harry knew that name very well. Tyson Burbridge was the 71 yr old Australian CEO of The Royal Canadian Pancake House. Harry was worried, supremely worried. The breakup between he and Caren had been a prelude to WWIII at the least and Armageddon at the worst. Now she was in a position to make her threats reality.

There was so much of a mess to clean up,would there be time? Harry would do whatever it took to solve his problem.


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