Free Book Promotion – March


Do you have a story to share?

You have found the right place to bring your hard work to the eye of the searching public.

The Book of the Month feature has taken on a new look. You can be part of that look.

March Book of the Month

Medic by Jonathan Wildash

cc5e3c87a1b8196e64d2454e70c39fedee63f8a3-thumb    An unknown hero in the midst of battle trying to save lives. No weapons, no armor,
only his satchel full of bandages.

Fear fills him from head to foot but he carries out his duty until the end.

Free ebook

Each month a new author and their book will be featured on the Book of the Month page.

The featured book will be chosen from a list compiled of those that are submitted to Barking Dog Publishing.

Deadline for entry submission: The 15th of each month.

All entries received by 03/15/2017 will be added to the list for the April Book of the Month page.


Submit your book information



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