This is another acrostic exercise to find the beginning of a story.


G: Give me a dime.

E: Early in history, man needed fire to keep warm.

N: Never poke a gorilla in the eye.

E: Eagles can play sports.

R: Run quickly to the refrigerator to find a snack for me, please.

A: Arlo found three potato chips and ate them.

L: Little Louis liked limericks.

I: Inside my mind are many wonderful ideas.

Z: “Z” wanted to be the first letter, but “A” wouldn’t allow it.

A: A bird in your hand will eat the seed when it is ready.

T: Turtles are known for being very turtle like.

I: Invisible waves bounced off of my ear drums.

O: One time I knew more than I have forgotten.

N: Noodle things, Oh how I love noodle things, yes indeed I love noodle things.





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