Every writer needs a starting point

Every writer needs a starting point.

This was an assignment that I had given to my English class. To develop story ideas using the vocabulary words from their unit list. I believe that it is a great way to create a supply of first lines for a short story.



If you don’t push the keys, you won’t have anything on paper.

This is what I developed for the word “DICTION.”

D: Dimes are not my favorite things.

I: Igloos made from Jell-O can be eaten.

C: Cooking hamburgers with a magnifying glass can be time consuming.

T: Tom wrote out the list on his thumb.

I: Inside a watermelon you will find seedy characters.

O: October starts with the letter O.

N: Noodles in your pocket are a great snack.

What first lines could you develop using the word DICTION?

Leave your work in the comments section so others can see your creativity.



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