10 Questions to ask of your character

Do you know the character in your upcoming story? You as the author should. I have had characters that seem to take on a life of their own as the story develops, and I suppose that is to be expected at times. It makes an interesting story to have a character that will be something that even the author was not expecting. (Imagination is spontaneous, and cannot be planned) So with that said, on with the list.

Question # 1:  Are you male or female?

Question #2: Where do you live? City, State, Country.

Question #3: What is your profession?

Question #4: Do you have a police record?

Question #5: What is your family background?

Question #6: What is your level of education?

Question #7: Do you have any distinguishing physical characteristics?

Question #8: What is your dream occupation?

Question #9: From what do you draw happiness?

Question #10: What is your greatest fear?

These are basic  questions that will give you a good idea  of what your character will be like. There may be others that you have used as well. Please feel free to use these questions to develop your character.

If you have any questions that you would like to share with others that visit this site please put them into the comments section.


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