A Scheduling I Go

Time is of the essence. That is what my computerized personal assistant said to me. Most people nowadays have one. They either come as built in software, or one can be downloaded for you convenience. If your smartphone is “smart” enough you can have an assistant at the ready in your pocket or purse. However, the phone I carry is losing its “smartness” everyday. What I mean is the device needs an upgrade to function along with the available personal assistant, but alas, the device has reached the limit for any more system upgrades. That means I am confined to the assistant on my laptop.

In the program I have asked to be reminded at various intervals to quickly advance to the next level of writing. The assistant is very good at keeping me focused on the task at hand. My current assignment is to develop some new characters for an upcoming story. So, even though I may feel rushed, I am working toward the goal of a well planned story.

The story involves a Klingon repairman, a city mayor, the mayors wife, and their pet dog and cat. Where exactly the story is going to go, or what is going to happen is yet to be determined.

I wonder, does anyone out there in reader land have a similar device or person to keep them on track with their writing schedule?




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