You should have listened to your friends. “What would be the point in that,” I asked my brain. He remained silent. I suppose that I could’ve pursued the conversation, but at this point in my life I wasn’t the least bit interested in what my brain had to say.

Feelings and emotions were driving the train of my life. I had reached the age where excitement was the dictating force behind my decisions.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of fame and mine had been deliberately withheld from me. My actions would set that wrong to right.

Society of the year 2062 hadn’t changed much since 1962 when my great grandfather was born into this world. There had been the economic upheaval which brought modern life from the technological world to that of early 1920. People now had to rely upon knowledge from the past to live in the present. Other than that event (which some considered a tragedy, and others a blessing) things were pretty much the same as before.

So I began my endeavor to remind the world of how things used to be.


That is how my story began.

The hot Alabama sun beat down upon my head and I began to pray for deliverance from my situation.

The words of my father echoed in my memory; “Son. whatever bed you make. you must be willing to lie upon it.”

At first when fame and fortune caught up with me I felt an overwhelming presence of a sense of accomplishment, but that has turned into more of an hope that my public would soon forget me.

I enjoyed the parties and political rallies and dreamed of being the President of our land. This dream would demand that the current dictatorship would have to be overthrown and I didn’t have the guts for something of that nature.

No I was content for the moment just to be a well known author; one that sought a moment of peace and quiet.

I have never thought of myself as a reformer or activist of any type, but that is what the newspapers are calling me. It was not my intention to cause a revolt against the wickedness of the regime that is in power. The past had its Hitler and now we have ours. The Way Things (Are) Were was brought to print because I felt the current and upcoming generation should see the results of our national mistakes from the past and hopefully learn from those mistakes.

Society is beginning to rebuild but it is going to be a long slow process. With the advent if the personal computer and all of the hi-tech devices of the past conventional books became a thing of the past. All knowledge and entertainment came from the “cloud”.

The economic problems of the past caused a great loss of knowledge when our cyber network crashed. Books in print form had been deemed cumbersome and useless. A government decree made it illegal to produce any more of them; which made the environmental groups happy about the number of trees that would be spared.

As life became more harsh for the new society that wasn’t burdened with the need for monetary items they turned to burning whatever would burn to heat their homes.

Somewhere in the midst of the crisis the “cloud” that stored all of our knowledge dissipated and many were left as intellectual zombies.

I happened to stumble upon a storage facility that had been unearthed during an earthquake and discovered some containers of these forbidden books. It was in these books I found what would be both a blessing and a curse to me.

Wealth and fame have a very high price.

There is more that I wish to say, but I have been informed that I am next to appear on the platform. This may be my last appearance before my fans and critics, I do not know how I will be received. So if you are the one to find this letter, please pass it on so that the world will know about me and how things used to be.

The hot Alabama sun beat down upon my head and I began to pray for deliverance from my situation; “perhaps it is even too late for deliverance,” I said to my brain. So I opted for a prayer of relief. My prayer seemed to answered quickly as a man approached me with a covering to shield my head from the sun. “Any thing else you need to say,” he asked.

I thought for a moment and replied to his question as the audience looked on in anticipation. “Just this one thing,” I hesitated for a moment and swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat. “This hangman’s noose is much too tight.

He nodded and then I was free from all those things that had worried me about my life.


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