Three Blind Mice



Those words echo a memory of a famous poem. This is not that story, nor is it in  anyway about those particular mice.

Our story takes place on another world, in another time. It could be in the future, or perhaps this story could be in your past. That would be determined on many circumstances. One of those circumstances could be if you are living in post apocalyptic times or not. As of the time of this writing the Apocalypse has not yet taken place.

On the chance that the final war has had it’s way with society, you my friend need something to bring a little chuckle to your day. If world destruction has not yet occurred, then don’t think about the possibility of it h
appening; just relax and give ear to this little mouse tale.


It was in the village of Dub on the 4th of May that certain strange things began happening. The first odd occurrence was that the water in the city well began to flow out of the well as a slow trickle. Within ten minutes past the mid day hour the trickle had turned into a small stream, and that is how it remains until this day.Even though it was an early summer month, and the heat had not increased greatly the water was as cold as ice from a frozen pond.

“Willie, where did you put the bag of tools?” asked Toomy. “I’m not sure, they might be in the transport,” Toomy replied. “Well go get them.” “Why, the big hurry? We haven’t had a decent job to do that is worth getting them dirty in a long time.” “Mayor Dug called just a few moments ago and said that he had an important job for us to do.” “Well if the mayor is going to call “The Fixers” on such a busy day, then we should make haste and get over to the Dub Center right away.

The twin moons cast their light upon the planet Hearus. Hearus was the third planet that orbited the twin green stars Criop and her sister star Enob. The sister sun’s were positioned in such an orbit that the entire planet was bathed in the intense heat that penetrated the atmosphere during the winter months.

During the moon phase, which lasted for about three months, the planets temperature hovered around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. After that period the winter months would begin, when the light from the green suns cast their rays upon the planet it would be a constant 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

For the moment however, the bright yellow glow from the moons of Hearus brought an intense light to the world below them.

The months were quickly passing. Mayor Dug was desperate for answers, and we were stretching the limits of our imagination for a solution to the problem that was plaguing Hearus.

When we reached the Office of the Mayor he called us in right away. The wooden door that led into the spacious office sounded loudly as it drew shut. “Mr. Mayor I do not understand why the matter of cold water is a source of worry as to the destruction of our planet.” “Mr. Toomy there are things going on here that you are not aware of.” He replied. “Take a look at the viewing screen, and tell me what you see.” “Three massive rats wearing dark glasses, with a hideous grin on their faces.” “You are partly correct. Only they are not rats, they are mice and they are going to take over our planet.” “Why?” “They need our cold water to survive. It must be cold water directly from the ground source, not an artificially cooled supply.

They will arrive at our planet in approximately 48 hours. You have until then to turn our naturally cold water into hot water.” Willie scratched his head, and asked, “Why the dark glasses Mr. Mayor?” “The three leaders of the Council of Mice are blind.” He replied. “So, three blind mice that love fresh, cold water are going to invade our planet, and you are worried about that Mr. Mayor?” Mayor Dug rolled his blue eyes from left to right, and up and down while pointing a bony finger at Willie.

“Not just three blind mice my boy, take a look at the next picture. The picture of the leaders faded out in a slow motion reversed diamond shape and the next one dropped downward on the 80 inch screen.

The image of three blind mice was replaced by a view of the incoming enemy ship and the cargo that it’s interior bay held. From wall to wall, and floor to ceiling there were mice everywhere. They were climbing. They were rolling over each other with a precision that was following a tune of musical notes being played on a violin. The whole group moved as a synchronous wave of furry creatures. The odd thing was that each participating rodent was wearing dark glasses.

This time it was Toomy that exclaimed out in a fit of laughter, “Oh, no. We are being invaded by millions of blind mice that must have clear, cold spring water. Whatever shall we do?

“Run Toomy run.” Yelled Willie as he fell to the floor laughing.

As the two men left the Office of the Mayor the city leader was desperately searching for someone that would believe the  gravity of the situation.

A faded green glow from the suns of Hearus reflected from the roadways of the village of Dub. Summer had come and gone, and now the days of winter had settled in for their long stay. Life continued on as it had for the many centuries before. The days that Toomy and Willie spent in the presence of Mayor Dug had long been forgotten by the two men.

Nothing had come of the threat of world domination/destruction that the mayor had worried about. The city population had grown by leaps and bounds; so much so that Mayor Dug had more fresh water wells gouged out of the ground. This was a move favored by many people because this was an extremely harsh winter; temperatures averaged 135 degrees Fahrenheit, well above the previous years records.

Yes more cold water was a good thing. It made the mayor smile. It caused Toomy and Willie to smile. There was even a smile on the face of the small, furry rodent wearing dark glasses sitting at the outer window of the Office of the Mayor. If you listen closely you can still hear the sound of a miniature rodent laughing.


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