First Lines

Here are ten first lines that you can use to begin your story. Where will they lead to? Only the imagination of a writer can know for sure. It may surprise you what you come up with.


1.       The milk in the baby bottle was quite luminous.

2.       If I had only made a right turn, the day would have ended on a bright note.

3.       Coffee stains on the piano were the beginning of my misfortune.

4.       I should have said, “Hand me the knife,” but I didn’t think before speaking.

5.       Pushing the red button could have been a disaster; but I pushed it anyway.

6.       If time was the only thing that I would lose in this venture, it would be worth doing.

7.       In war there are no winners; everyone loses something to their cause.

8.       Have you ever gotten close to a dragon?

9.       I stepped to my left, and something moved under me.

10.   We talked of many things in our younger days.


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