Dad’s Are People Too

Dads are not strange creatures from another planet.

Contrary to what we thought when we were kids or a teen,

Dads are not 100% nuts, just somewhere in-between.


When you are a son, then you are a blessed soul.

At times Dads may seem a bit weird,

Just pray and let God take control.


A dad is not always a perfect delight,

Like granny s chocolate cake.

Often we are like a bumbling chef,

And now and then make a mistake.


Although at times we behave like animals

That should be caged in a zoo.

Remember to pray for us.

Causes Dads are people, too.


Dedicated to my Dad; Vitus Price Frazier.

Thank you for teaching me that no matter what I did with my life to do the very best that I can.

Taken from the book, “Family Words” by Kurt Frazier Sr. Published 2011

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