Traveling the D1310

If by chance you find yourself entertaining the idea of traveling through the country of France, I have a suggestion for you. Make your way down the D1310 road to a small village known by the name Augy. Augy is a French commune in the department of Aisne in the Picardy region of northern France.

I have never been to this place. In a few sentences or so, I will attempt to explain how I stumbled upon this place. However, before I do that I would like to tell you some things that I discovered about this French village.

First of all, there are the  directions to get there.The village can be reached on the D1310 road which branches south-west from the N31 into the village then east to join the D22 road from Braine which passes through the south-eastern part of the commune (1)

It is mostly farmland that you will find along with forest land along the borders.

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The building with the van out front is the Town Hall. Another town building, and then the stone building with the wooden overhang is the church of St. Remi.

The village of Augy has never been very large. In the year of the first census conducted in 1793 there were 164 inhabitants. In the year 1831, population reached a high of 201 residents. The all-time low was reached in 1990 when the numbers dipped to just 62. At the last count recorded in 2010 the population stood at 90.


Find Augy on Google maps

How did I come across this?

I was searching through one of the websites that I use to get writing ideas and this is what I found to write about: # 68 Random Wikipedia Article: Go to Wikipedia and click on Random Article. Write about whatever the page you get.

I clicked the Random Article link and found myself looking at Augy, France

Ha any of you ever used the random article link on Wikipedia? If you have what are some of the places or things that you have discovered.

Information Source: Wikipedia contributors, “Augy, Aisne,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia,,_Aisne&oldid=698631387 (accessed September 25, 2016). 



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