Only the Beginning

“He found the journal on the train.” Said the elderly man. The cover was aged, and yet there was strength to it’s shape. Inside the condition of the pages was just as remarkably preserved. “Young man,” he said. “This could be the beginning of something bigger than either you, or I have ever seen in our lifetimes combined.”

Those that knew the old man would have said of him, “Why that old timer always thinks that there is something big about to happen.”

Your challenge: Write a 500 word short story that continues this story.

Questions to ponder

  • What is the relationship between the young man and the elder man?
  • Who did the journal belong to?
  • Who found the journal?
  • What things did the old man discover when reading the journal?
  • Is there something big about to happen? If so, what is going to happen, and how will it affect the characters in the story?

If you use this prompt to write your story would you include a link to the story in the comments section so that I can see what develops from this suggestion. Happy Writing.


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