Bacon sandwiches

Sometimes our writing gets bogged down in all of the everyday life occurences; what do you do to remedy the situation? Use a writing prompt to get the words flowing.

Whether your writing is fictional to spark the readers imagination or non-fictional to inform the reader there are times when it needs outside help.

When you think of a bacon sandwich what does it remind you of?



Bacon sandwiches remind me of Sunday mornings when I was a boy growing up in the Midwest. Sunday morning was the only day that Dad cooked breakfast for us.The other days of the week he was off to work as we were getting ready for school.

The smells that wafted through the house early Sunday morning was that of Sanka coffee mixed with the smell of frying bacon and pancakes. The pancakes were as large as a 12″ plate and nearly 1/2″ thick.

The best way to eat them was to roll up about three pieces of thick bacon into the pancake, and then dip it into the maple syrup. A cold glass of milk was best to wash the delight down with.

When I became older and had children of my own I continued the pancake and bacon tradition. Although I may have taken the frequency to an all time high level, and overloaded them with the pancakes, for now my five children are not very fond of pancakes. However, my second born son Kurt II is nearing his thirties, and he loves bacon. So while the pancake tradition may have been put aside; the bacon lives on.

I would be interested in hearing what bacon sandwiches remind you of.

The Bacon Sandwich

A bacon sandwich (also known in parts of the United Kingdom and New Zealand as a bacon butty or bacon sarnie, in Ireland as a rasher sandwich[1] and as a bacon sanger in Australia and parts of Scotland) is a sandwich of cooked bacon between bread that is usually spread with butter, and may be seasoned with ketchup or brown sauce. It is generally served hot. The BLT[2] is a popular variant of the bacon sandwich with the additional ingredients of lettuce and tomato, but served cold.

Bacon sandwiches are an all-day favourite throughout the United Kingdom.[3] They are often served in greasy spoons, and are anecdotally recommended as a hangover cure.[4] Australian hamburger shops sell a bacon sandwich,[citation needed] which is made much like a traditional Australian hamburger with fried bacon, fried onions, lettuce, tomato, tinned beetroot and barbecue sauce or tomato sauce. In some establishments the sandwich will be made from bread toasted on only one side, while other establishments serve it on the same roll as is used for hamburgers. In Toronto, Canada, peameal bacon[5] served on a kaiser roll is a popular version of the sandwich.

Wikipedia contributors. “Bacon sandwich.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 18 Mar. 2016. Web. 13 May. 2016.



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