The Red Button


red button

That was the only instruction that was given on the sign at the entrance to the fenced in property. It was a button on a golden plaque that resembles a door bell.

How was I to gain entrance into the area without pushing it? I had read stories about “the red button.” There were stories about certain death and sudden wealth upon pushing the forbidden item. Which would it be for me if I did the deed?

I could not force myself to push the button; no not today and not at this time. Fear gripped my very soul as I grappled with the idea of taking the chance of disobeying the command given.

How could a man be expected to make such a choice? On the other side of the fence was the desire of my heart; my true love. Her name was Corene and I had loved her as a child. The years of life had taken hold of my very being and kept me from the joy I once knew. Fear or love; which would it be that governed my destiny.

The more I researched the dreaded thing it became apparent that peace would not be possible until I made my choice. The days had grown into months and the months into years while the  fear loomed in my presence each day.

The time was now. It had to be done, and so I ventured out into the cold, wet night toward the place where the object of my future was waiting. How long had it been since I had first encountered the red button?

I stretched forth my trembling hand and pushed the red button. I half way expected the sky to flash with lightning and the thunder to sound, but nothing happened. The gate did not open. Corene never came running toward me with open arms. Love did not find me that day.

In my mind’s eye I saw just two other options; either great wealth or impending doom. Which would be my lot in life? I checked the bank app on my  iPhone and discovered that great wealth not only avoided my account, but that it was $1.87 overdrawn. Perhaps there was a check waiting for me in my mailbox. With the swiftness of a deer I ran all the way home. I would have gotten there sooner had I driven instead of running.

The only thing I found when I looked into the mailbox was more disappointment. No check to be deposited into my languishing account. There was however an envelope from a sweepstakes company that was well-known for large paper checks being handed out to unsuspecting winners, but I never won any of those things so I threw it into file thirteen.

Now my heart was filled with dread, for I knew that  doom was to befall me for sure. The days of depression turned into multiplied sorrows as I waited for the hammer of gloom to befall me.

Months passed and I concluded that the RED BUTTON must be a hoax. My fortune was at a stalemate. Wealth did not dare to enter my presence and gloom and doom feared for their existence when near me. Yet, in the recesses of my mind that red button burned its message   day and night. PUSH ME!

The road to my newly sought fortune was overgrown with wild grasses and vines growing, and  entwining themselves through holes in the fence. The density of plant  life nearly obscured the buttons location. The years had given me great yearning to see the truth, so what would the action of “just one more try” do?

The years had stiffened the button and  the pressure of a push of my hand did nothing to move the  image of my despair. The great anger that had built within me for many years forced its way into my clenched fist and it hammered away at the button. This time it’s stubbornness gave way and the deed was done once more.

Something struck me upon my head and rolled away into the mixture of green and browning leaves. It wasn’t painful by any means, and then there was another one, and another one, and they kept falling. I ran to avoid the falling judgment, but soon discovered that the entire world was being covered by many flavors of jelly beans.

What had I done?


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