Grandma Used to Say

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“If wishes were horses then beggars could ride.”


Where would they go?

And with whom by their side?

If wishes were horses,

Those beggars could ride.


What would they see?

Which words would they say?

Would they travel by night?

Or journey by day?


If wishes were horses,

Oh the food they would eat.

And then ride away,

Those citizens of the street.


Not bothered by worries,

Or a beckoning cell phone.

They could ride away,

To lands unknown.


If wishes were horses,

Those beggars could ride.

Destination unknown,

Would they have to hide?

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Would the world be a friend?

To them which goes;

Would they show compassion?

Or gaze southward along their nose?


Wishes are hopes,

The pathway to dreams.

Who dreams and forgets?

Too many it seems.


Life can be tough,

On the soul of man.

It can destroy and split,

In fire and a pan.


Hope and dreams,

Fall by the side.

When life revolts,

Grabbing you by the hide.

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If wishes were horses,

Those beggars could ride.

Onward and upward,

To the left and right side.


Wishes are wishes,

And horses are horses.

Either could  carry us,

Through our daily courses.


We all journey this,

Path called life.

Some with ease and,

Some with strife.


Those beggars make wishes,

That much is true.

They might just ride horses,

For another view.


Of life and the world,

A new picture to acquire.

All is not hopeless or vain,

Before they expire.


Here’s a lesson to learn,

That might make one itch.

Beggars can be poor,

They may also be rich.

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We all look for horses,

To carry us away.

Some call it a career,

Others say its play.


Horses move fast,

Or some move slow.

Some move about,

Not knowing where to go.


When wishes become horses,

To carry us away,

We may end up,

In the darkness of day.


We may find the place,

We desired to be.

Is not freedom for us,

But a hanging tree.


Like the outlaw of the west,

Who wished for a horse?

To escape his life,

Only to find remorse


Our wish to be free,

Was not what was needed.

Seeking Holy wisdom,

That should’ve been heeded.


A wish is a wish,

That much is true.

I have done it,

And so have you.


So be careful when you wish,

And bring in a snare.

Why not turn that wish,

Into a heartfelt prayer.


Published in the book Coffee Tales by Kurt Frazier Sr.


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