You ate your sisters homework

Writing Prompt #1

You ate your sisters homework.

Why did you eat your sisters homework?

Describe the events leading up to, during the feast and just why you did it.


I used to be a super hero. Bad guys feared the very thought of crossing my path. Poets and novelists wrote about my adventures and misfortunes. The ability to fade in and out of a situation at a moments notice without being noticed by those around me was quite useful and entertaining.

One day last fall it occurred to me that things were not quite right with my super powers. They began to fail at the most awkward moments.I found myself unable to catch even the slowest of suspects. It was as though I was ten again and not thirteen. What would my friends at school think of a failing super hero?

I tried to keep my identity a secret from my friends. I tried the black framed glasses to hide who I really was, and that worked for a while. That is until Oscar (the nerdy kid)  figured out who I was, and threatened to reveal my secret identity to the world unless I provided nearly around the clock protection against the bullies that threatened his life.

When the girls found out I had super powers my life went from obscure to infamous almost overnight. Then something went wrong and I began to lose the powers that made me famous. No more super speed or strength to allow me to overcome the super bullies.

One day I was looking over my sisters shoulder as she was doodling on a piece of paper. Normally I would try to do something to make her mad at me. The rubber spider on her head made Marcy instantly insane. However, today there was something odd about our encounter, and that was the smell of the ink that she was using for the doodling project.

As I approached the chair where she was sitting I discovered that I was able to move past her and flip the pad upside down without her knowing it. Revived super speed. Yahoo! The smell of the ink was rejuvenating my super powers.

The six o clock news report told that my arch enemy known as The Slimy Meatball was back on the scene and causing havoc in the world.I knew the location of his hideout and was about to proceed to his location when I noticed that I could no longer fade away anymore. I had to have the ink. Marcy was gone for the weekend,along with her backpack and school supplies.

What was I going to do? Was it fate or was it coincedence that Marcy’s english homework was lying on the floor in the dining room? I smelled the paper and hoped that the ink was the same as before. I was familiar, but not strong enough to reenergize my vacated powers. In a last ditch effort I crumpled the paper and began chewing upon it. With no great ease it slid down my throat into the waiting abyss of my stomach.

I waited, and waited and waited some more. Surely this would do the trick. Nothing happened, so there I was sitting in the dining room waiting for some miracle to come and it never happened.

That is why I ate Marcy’s homework.

Mrs. Avery just looked at me and replied, “Nice try Harvey, but that is the same excuse that you used last year when you ate your homework.”

©Kurt Frazier Sr.














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